Embassy for Refugees,

Design Diplomacy Panel,

Marylebone, 2012

Embassy for Refugees, Installation & Exhibition, Shoreditch, 2011

Embassy for Refugees, Architectural proposition, Mayfair, 2010

The Nest, as part of Narratives of Cultural displacement residency, 2012

Embassy for Refugees: History & Future


The Embassy for Refugees, as a conceptual and theoretical idea has grown through a series of stages since 2010 when the original concept for an was created as an provocative architectural proposition based in Mayfair, London's diplomatic quarter. The project was exhibited in 2011 as an art installation at the Counterpoints exhibition in Shoreditch, London, and presented as a radical reinterpretation of the embassy typology in 2012 as part of the Design Diplomacy Programme at Ambika P3, London.


In July 2012, Natasha was commissioned to carry out a residency entitled "Art, Architecture and the Narratives of Cultural Displacement" at the Merz Barn, former home of celebrated Dada artist Kurt Schwitters who was exiled from Nazi Germany. The residency began to explore a spatial expression of conceptual themes of Dwelling, Displacement, Exile and Sanctuary, Home and Refuge which can be read in the Embassy for Refugees Pavilion developed for Celebrating Sanctuary London, June 2013.


In Autumn 2013 The Embassy for Refugees project and it's history will form a key case study for the Learning Lab at Counterpoints Arts, run in partnership with the British Council.


The project will continue to be developed following reflections upon it's first enactment as a physical space, fulfilling the premise of the theoretical aims of the embassy which is to claim a territory for those that seek refuge in our city.

An on-going investigation

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