The sculptural structure’s organic form alludes to the natural refuges of forests, caves and cocoons, a design developed through working with refugee children from the Salusbury World charity making ”secret den“ sculptures. As the project gathered momentum, the scope expanding exponentially over a few months, Natasha Reid drew together an incredible amount of support from a wealth of ethical organisations, particularly acclaimed structural engineers Arup who collaborated closely with her to realise the vision of the unusual form and artistic intent.

“Natasha’s Embassy is a beautifully imagined concept that plays with the idea of providing diplomatic status and ambassadorial protection to asylum seekers and refugees - the one group of people who are mostly excluded from such national and political privileges.

Its aesthetic alludes to a cocoon-like space of sanctuary or refuge that is at the same time open, porous and encourages dialogue.”

Almir Koldzic, Co-Director, Counterpoints Arts

Photo by Miguel Santa Clara www.miguelsantaclara.com

Embassy for Refugees pavilions

© 2013 by Natasha Reid