As part of the Transient Sanctuaries legacy project, two nomadic sculptural structures found a temporary home in the recently-opened northern Parklands for the By the River celebration during September 2013. The intimate mobile pavilions nestled amongst the newly-created lush gardens at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, dramatically juxtaposed with the scale of the surrounding structures. The “Transient Sanctuaries” created fleeting hide-aways to be discovered within tranquillity of the Parklands. They formed unusual timber refuges for story-telling and nature workshops, before migrating to their next location.  


The mobile pavilions are the legacy of artist and designer Natasha Reid’s installation for the Celebrating Sanctuary festival held on the South Bank in June 2013. They were constructed temporarily as the latest iteration of her ongoing research project, an “Embassy for Refugees”. As the legacy to the installation, the experimental timber pavilions will have a continued afterlife, adapting to bring unexpected spaces of refuge and sanctuary to local communities in a variety of contexts. 


Transient Sanctuaries legacy project


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Sanctuaries, London

© 2013 by Natasha Reid